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This stage is known as the Third Reading of the Bill.At this stage debate is confined to arguments either in support or rejection of the Bill without referring to the details thereof further than that are absolutely necessary.After a Bill has been introduced, it is published in the Official Gazette.Even before introduction, a Bill might, with the permission of the Speaker, be published in the Gazette.Opinions so received are laid on the Table of the House and the next motion in regard to the Bill must be for its reference to a Select/Joint Committee.It is not ordinarily permissible at this stage to move motion for consideration of the Bill.The report of the Committee, being persuasive value shall be treated as considered advice given by the Committee.

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Discussions takes place on each clause of the Bill and amendments to clauses can be moved at this stage.

It can, however, recommend amendments in a Money Bill, but must return all Money Bills to Lok Sabha within fourteen days from the date of their receipt.

It is open to Lok Sabha to accept or reject any or all of the recommendations of Rajya Sabha with regard to a Money Bill.

The Committee can also take expert opinion or the public opinion who are interested in the measure.

After the Bill has thus been considered, the Committee submits its report to the House.Thereafter the question is put to the vote of the House.