Dating sites for pastors

12-Jul-2017 16:48

To avoid losing some potentially life-long and beneficial friendships, making the decision to date outside the church you serve is an opportunity to limit unnecessary anxiety.Following an inspiring sermon, congregants lined to greet me after service.Even if a respected senior member lovingly introduced me to their educated, professional, sweet granddaughter, I’d make her acquaintance but move on.I learned that, for some, being able to say they made a love connection for the pastor was an ego boost and a way to indirectly influence pastoral decisions.I loved the work I was engaged in and did it great pride.

I functioned in strategic planning, curriculum and ministry development and filled-in as the youth pastor.

In my experience, when I’ve disclosed my line of work, the person I dated became uncomfortable with the idea of dyeing in relationship with a pastor or used me as a sounding board for theological query.

Yes, I’m a pastor but my conversation extends far beyond faith, theology, and spiritual matters.

Furthermore, dating from within your congregation exposes your companion to undo pressure.

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Accosted with questions, stares or ill-treatment the added unpleasantness could dismantle a cordial relationship the two of you shared prior.Sadly, some people are drawn to men in power and seek to use us as the means of their affirmation.