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Alas, she didn’t win, and California elected a governor for another term who was a ridiculously weak governor in his first term.

And he managed to royally screw things up for small businesses again.

And it’s pretty much par for the course for someone like Jerry Brown.

I could get around the law by setting up a corporation in some other state and then setting up my Amazon payments to go through that corporation.

Now, not only do they make less money from affiliates like me who paid income tax on income received from Amazon, but they don’t make any more money from Amazon, because Amazon still doesn’t have to pay sales tax to California.

I campaigned hard for Meg Whitman, as she is extremely supportive of small businesses like mine.And then Jerry Brown, our idiot governor, signed a budget that included what many have come to call an “Amazon tax”.Basically, the law says that if Amazon has affiliates (people like me who drive traffic to Amazon in exchange for a cut of sales made from people who click through our links), that Amazon has a “presence” in the state of California–and therefore must collect sales tax here.Here, life is more laid-back, and I’ve grown to appreciate it.

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But one thing I’ve struggled with about California for years is the government.The obvious states to move to were states with no state income tax, so that I can move there and immediately create a new job in that state instead of just paying state income tax with that money.

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