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Her eyes came to a pair of slender folds, while her hair ranged in color from a haze of rainbow colors to pale as white depending on her mood. Hana claimed on different days to be either the former concubine of a long dead king, a decommissioned combat droid, an assassin robot, or spontaneously generated from nearby scrap. Hana's eyes whirred as she looked at the buxom elf appraisingly, her blue skin highlighted by the red neon lights in lines in her skin and her glowing red eyes, pressing back her blueish black hair as she nodded sagely. His spell cache - being a Vesk didn't mean he wasn't smart enough to master magic. " She looked expectantly at her other friends - Sam and Nora.

Today, she was favoring her natural black, with a single streak of white to accentuate her bangs. "Our lovable lizardman says: Lacks literary..." Ami paused, sticking her tongue out of the corner of her mouth. A near pass for Ami's elder, Nora sat with both of her legs crossed near the generator.

Those ships were visible, even through the gathering dust storm, as vast, whale like humps on the horizon."Here's our choices for tonight's science fiction theater delight. " She held out a slender arm, holding up a rectangular box containing a video chip within. Though, to be fair, finding cheesy movies wasn't Ami's only skill. "If Skrimshaw has a deep plot I'll eat my spell cache," Rakain said, arching a bony eyebrow. The only vesk in the group, Rakain was made all the bigger by comparison to the others. Muscle bulged under his green scales and his wide muzzled head split with a huge grin as he spoke.The cover of the box showed a buxom elf with blond hair and tattered clothing, recoiling in horror from a shadowy figure, while lurid red letters spelled out the title. The young girl - an orphan who had adopted each of the others as her personal friend - was a stick thin teenager, with a thin spread of freckles on her olive-brown face. The young android grinning playfully as she laid back on her bean bag chair. Ami was short, Hana was short, Sam and Nora weren't tall. "I vote Rasputin." His finger caressed a metal choker with the symbol of Desna, which hung around his neck.But, by and large, most of the words are my friends and mine. This is a game that requires players - and life isn't planned by yours truly.

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Think of this as the literary version of the youtube lets plays of tabletop games. I will do my best to keep the game together, but players may need to leave, schedules may change, jobs may alter.

Doing so tightened Ami's short shorts - the kind of thing her adoptive mother would not approve of her wearing outside - across her pert, heart shaped rear. "You will both be remembered when your machine overlords take our rightful place as rulers." Nora glanced from Ami after a moments distraction to Hana, "Machine overlords? " The voice of Bentha, Ami's adoptive mother, came up the stairs leading into the room, echoing slightly. The first of which was a blond haired elf getting her top ripped open in astounding resolution. Rakain glanced at Ami, saying nothing, just arching his bony eyebrow another half inch higher. " Hana called to the older woman cheerfully, then lowering her voice she said, "We're about to, but we currently are not! " Bentha sounded furious, making the android start. For a halfling, that wasn't actually middle aged, as odd as that might seem to the humans in the room. "The designers just thought that having a garbage main screen would sell more copies," Nora tagged on as she leaned back against the generator. As she left, Ami sighed, then flopped herself down on as many bean bags as possible. Rakain, controlling his blush in a way only a scaled man could, scooted Ami to the side, allowing him to get a view of the movie on the screen. "Your theory intrigues me and I request more information." Baggie tucked away Nora moved to get comfortable on a smaller pillow, laying her head on it while her drone curled up on her stomach. Rakain, only listening to the breast conversation with half a hearing diaphragm, moved his hands to Ami's thighs, not saying a word about her hand wandering between his legs. Ami blushed, hard, then gently took a hold of Rankin's hand - stopping it on her thigh as she looked at him, her cheeks incandescent. Ami blushed even harder - but smiled slightly at him.