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You turn each image into a matrix, so that it is just a grid of numbersthat all represent the pixel intensity.Next, across each image in the entire training set, you take the average and calculate the mathematical difference between each individual image.The uncanny black and white faces that you saw on my blog – those are a representation of the average of each face merged together.I had an a-ha moment, where I thought how this might be used to predict faces of individuals who may be under stress or may be being abused.If pictures of the person are not consistent, then the algorithm may not be as successful in correctly identifying an individual.In terms of overcoming these hurdles and possibilities for future work, one of the most interesting results that came out of the Tinderbox project was how the Eigenfaces looked when you averaged them together.The first one is, Eigenvectors only works with black and white images.

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They do put pictures of them on social media, and I’m personally very interested in looking at if I were to average each face, and compared that average of someone with a history of abuse to someone who does not, would be very interested to see whether there’s a pattern that you can say “ there’s definitely a facial structure change over time”.

Eigenfaces has been around for a long time (since 1987) and it is open source.

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