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21-Jul-2017 05:00

To quote from the official website: "The Johnstown Inclined Plane is the steepest vehicular incline in the world, meaning its 30' cars, which are large enough to hold 60 people, 6 motorcycles, or a vehicle, travel at the steepest grade for cars their size."I visited the Inclined Plane in 2007 and took a number of photos there.Ron Shawley, local storm chaser and historian, did this "tour video" of the outside -- and inside -- of the Incline: Also in 2007, I did an extensive blog about the meteorology surrounding the event .View thousands of public live real time online video streaming CCTV surveillance and security web cameras around the world right from your Android smartphone and tablet.

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Last weekend was the 125th anniversary of the great Johnstown flood in 1889, which wiped out the town and killed over 2,000 people in about 30 minutes.Have a live streaming webcam video from everywhere in the world, always!

The bridge dates from the fourteenth century and boasts a Gothic chapel at its western end dating from 1538.… continue reading »

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Instead of being based on ritual, it begins to be based on another practice - politics." In the 1990s Jean Baudrillard suggests that with instantaneous mass production of information, the image becomes obscene and loses its reference to the actual.… continue reading »

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