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02-Jun-2017 16:16

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Now, as far as anyone knows, Selena is still dating The Weeknd, so hopefully, this meal-sharing won't progress any further.

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We know that at the very least, these two are back on speaking terms.

"Selena believes that she and Justin are adults now and wants to open a new, healthy chapter with him." Well, they're definitely both adults. Justin Bieber is hot stuff, but that relationship was, we think, more than a little toxic for Selena.

Which is why it was wise for Selena to cut off contact with Bieber so that she could manage her own health and career without also worrying about him. In fact, Selena Gomez treasures her relationship with The Weeknd.

They're both exceptionally beautiful, talented singers. Admittedly, Selena's music is better, but it's not fair to compare anyone to Selena. Despite their shared history, their mutual hotness, and even their desire to reconnect - we somehow doubt that their reunion is going to result in a rekindled Jelena. We get the impression that it's way less codependent than what she had with the Biebs back in the day. That sounds like a cliche, but it's a state of mind with wide-ranging impact, as it gives the two of them a lot of relationship security.

You know, since The Weeknd isn't constantly plagued with existential crisis, self-destructive spirals and other emotional issues.

But we think it's safe to say they'd probably be okay with the idea of Gomez forming a platonic friendship with the Biebs.